Collection: Items eligible for benefits

How to apply coupons

Coupons are applied only to eligible customers. Please note the following points.

  • Coupon can only be used once.
  • Please check the expiration date of the coupon in the e-mail newsletter you received.
  • Purchases of multiple items are also eligible.
  • The application of the coupon will not be displayed when the product is added to the cart. Press the "Proceed to checkout" button to proceed to the checkout page, and press ❶ "Display order details/enter coupon ▼" at the top of the page to display the order summary, and ❷ You can check whether the coupon has been applied. If it is not applied, enter the coupon code in the ❸ coupon code input field and click the arrow → button to apply it.
  • We recommend that you copy and paste the coupon code from the e-mail newsletter.
  • After confirming that it is applied, please proceed to the payment procedure.
Image explaining how to confirm the application of the coupon

List of items eligible for benefits