About us

Storio representative, portrait of Kimura

Nice to meet you, thank you for your interest in Storio. This is Kimura, the representative.

Since 2004, Storio Co., Ltd. has supported the creation of many people, mainly in urban areas, with a convenient system that allows anyone to easily order and purchase custom-made furniture kits and wooden parts online. Company.

In 2016, we succeeded in developing small-diameter bending technology for solid wood, launched our original brand "STORIO", and are engaged in everything from planning to sales.


When you touch Storio products, people who are familiar with woodworking are very surprised at the difference from conventional wooden products. It seems that even those who are not so familiar with it feel that it is "somehow different" and pick it up. From here, I would like to introduce the three essences that make up that "something a little different."

01. Engineer's Perspective

Storio's precision manufacturing

The precision of processing and assembly of Storio products is highly regarded in the woodworking industry.

Since I was an engineer at a home appliance manufacturer in my previous job, I regard wood as a material on a par with materials for industrial products such as resin and metal, and utilize the know-how of the home appliance industry in development. In addition, some of the development staff are engineers who used to work on molds.

The experience and sensibility of working with different materials are reflected in the planning, design, processing, and assembly, giving rise to the unique clean appearance of Storio products and the tight fit and feel of use.

02. "Newness" brought about by bending technology

The technique of bending a single solid board makes it possible to create products with unprecedented functionality and beauty.

Storio's bentwood beauty, springiness and modern form
  • springiness and the ability to open and close
  • Clean appearance without unnecessary thickness
  • Thin, strong, flexible, compact and lightweight
  • Three-dimensional and presence form


    The function and beauty that can only be obtained by bending a single solid wood board, and the small diameter bending that is difficult with plywood, have made solid wood products smaller and more modern. With the addition of dyed color variations that do not impair the natural texture, the range of applications is expanding to items that can be easily carried on the go and fashion accents.

    Storio bentwood products that accent fashion


    If you are interested, please read " Development history of small-diameter bending " as the history of the technology development is long.

    03. There is a forest we can call home

    Even though we have developed our own technology and special processing machine, the opponent is solid wood. Unpredictable problems can get in the way and stall development. In today's world, which is overflowing with things, a conflict arose as to whether it is okay to push things even further, no matter how much new technology is developed.

    At that time, I had a big encounter in the process of searching for a material more suitable for bending. The " Snow Beach Project " in Oshirakawa, Uonuma City, Niigata Prefecture is the use of broadleaf trees (snow country beech) in anticipation of the change to a forest of diversity. I decided to participate in the project because I was happy to be able to help Mori, who had been familiar with mountain climbing and mountain stream fishing for a long time.

    Logging work on the snow for the Uonuma Oshirakawa Snow Beach Project

    Dr. Kamitani, Professor Emeritus of Niigata University, who is the organizer of the project, consulted us to further expand the use of Snow Beach, and started the development of beech products. Solid beech wood that is said to go mad easily. Inspired by the ancient uses of beech, Storio's first beech product, Tanza Clamp, was born.

    Storio tanza clamp 3 types This Tanzaku Lamp design, which could only have been found in snowy beech trees, was well received at Germany's largest trade fair.

    Participation in the Snow Beach Project started with the hope that it would help regenerate the forest. As a brand that puts itself in circulation as part of the

    Since 2019, Uonuma Oshirakawa Forest has been designated as Storio's home forest, and products are made from wood such as beech and maple procured from this area.

    We would like to widely deliver the steady progress of forest restoration through solid wood products born from the forest.


    About Our Work

    Three members of the planning and design team


    I want to increase the number of users who use Satoyama wooden products in modern life

    We realize the design for that purpose with our unique processing technology and precision manufacturing.

    That's Storio's job

    Using Satoyama wood as a material, and collaborating with the local forest industry to create a system that makes the forest healthier and more beautiful as the product is made

    Connecting users to beautiful forests 100 years from now


    Oshirakawa beech forest