Solid wood bending technology

The world's first processing technology that takes advantage of the beautiful grain of solid wood

Solid wood bending technology used in Storio wooden products

AvanWood is a bending wood processing technology that uses solid wood, which is used in Storio's wooden products .
Developed by Storio Co., Ltd., which manufactures and sells wood furniture kits and wood parts.

The standard bentwood today is "formed plywood", which is made by pasting together thin boards and bending them.
However, there are limits to small bending and precision processing.

Storio has challenged this limit with beautifully finished solid wood and succeeded in developing a completely new processing method.
Based on this technology, we will continue to provide functional and elegant wood design products regardless of our company or other companies.

Beautiful wood grain unique to solid wood

A single piece of solid wood is bent, so you can see the continuous beautiful wood grain even at the cut ends and where the thickness changes partially .
It can be processed into various shapes depending on the bending size and angle.

Material processing that takes advantage of the characteristics of wood

Domestically produced solid wood such as walnut, maple, and zelkova is used for the material.
For simple shapes, walnut and zelkova with beautiful wood grain are used, and for complex shapes with many small diameter bends, sticky maple is used.

It can also be dyed to bring out the wood grain.

Color dyeing on solid wood with Storio's bentwood processing technology

Storio's unique bending technology for natural solid wood