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Founder's message

Storio Co., Ltd. is a company that operates StorioDesign, StorioClub, and Do-It-Yourself Support Corps!

In addition to the conventional processing and sales of wood parts, we have succeeded in developing a new processing method for wood and have started designing, producing and selling bentwood products.

Through the "Evolved Wooden Product Storio", we would like to bring to the world a new design that will stimulate everyone's desire to own it.

Storio Background

Storio's predecessor, "Do-It-Yourself Support Team!", was started in 1997 by founder Kimura. Since then, it has been developed as a leading service, and although it is a developing niche genre, it occupies a market position that can be said to be the only one.

After that, I was selected for the Niigata Industrial Creation Organization's "2004 Niigata New Edison Development Project" and was given the opportunity to make a leap forward. In August 2004, Storio Co., Ltd. was established in order to make a greater contribution to society by building the strongest dedicated system that integrates from customer service to design, production, and shipment, with more fulfilling services.

Company Profile

company name
Storio Co., Ltd.
Kazuhisa Kimura
Hertz Co., Ltd., Enchante Co., Ltd., Kimura, etc.
August 20, 2004
1-3-1 Honmachi, Ojiya City, Niigata Prefecture 947-0021
Ownership, etc.
Trademark registration: Storio, STORIO, AvanWood, Do-it-yourself support team, etc. / Design rights / Business model patents, etc.
Awards, etc.
WoodDesign2017 Forestry Agency Commissioner's Award, Niigata New Edison Development Project, '06 IDS Design Competition IDS Award, etc.

Origin of the name “Storio”

We want users to create stories using Storio services.
I want working at Storio to be useful in realizing the life (story) that the staff draws.
We want to grow into a company with a coherent (story), valuing our mission and vision without chasing easy gains.
This is what I think.