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The plain look of beech brings out the beauty of the pen.

pen tray

pen tray

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in Your luxurious time

It is an elegant pen tray that is suitable for a luxurious time, when you can write letters while correcting your posture and enjoying the gliding of the pen tip.

The bentwood pen tray is ideal for writing instruments that need to be handled with care, such as glass pens.

There are two colors, natural and black. Black has a wood grain finish.

Pen tray color variations, natural and black

Does not roll or collide

A minimal design that can hold two pens. The bumps created by bending fix the position, and the pens do not hit each other even when the thick shaft fountain pens are lined up.


Bent and hollowed shape

Easy-to-handle shape

The edge is thin like a container, and there is enough space between adjacent pens, so you can pick it up with your fingers. Ideal for writing instruments that you want to treat with care.


You can pick up the pen by scooping it with your fingers.


A shadow falls on the tabletop and the tray looks like it's floating. A tray that brings out the beauty of your favorite pen.

A pen tray that looks like it's floating


Comes in a black box that highlights the shade of the bentwood, making it ideal as a gift.

Pen tray in a black gift box with bentwood shading


The pen tray was posted below. Please take a look.

Mobile Watch "Peripherals/Accessories>Today's Goods: I got a solid wood "pen tray" that makes use of bending technology" /1449732.html


Product Specifications

Size | 186 x 75 x H15mm / about 50g

Material|Snow Country Beech (Snow Beach/Oshirakawa, Uonuma City)

Color|Natural: Urethane clear coating Black: Urethane black coating (finishing wood grain)


    Handling Precautions

    • A high temperature and high humidity storage environment may cause deformation and deterioration of the product.
    • Do not intentionally bend it strongly or apply force to break it.
    • Because it is a natural wood, there may be differences in grain, color, and scratches on the skin depending on the product.
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