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The gentleness of "snowbeech" supports exercise.

Dumbbell 1kg

Dumbbell 1kg

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Fixed position on the table! Wellness that does not work hard begins with "dumbbells that do not put away"

Get started in 1 second

It is a wood dumbbell optimized to be placed nearby, such as a living room table or office desktop.

Resolve persistent issues

The era of 100 years of life is almost here. In order to live a long life well, it is important to first maintain a healthy mind and body. It is important to keep working and caring for people after retirement, day by day.

Therefore, we focused on dumbbell exercises that can be easily started without changing clothes or going out, but this wood dumbbell solves the "problem that still does not last" rather than simply replacing the material with wood.

Design derived from desired functions

❶Put the table top in place

❷ Continue because you don't try too hard

Humans tend to unconsciously stretch when their necks and shoulders get tired. You can exercise casually without feeling like you are working hard in your living room or at work.

❸ Easy to hold

Most conventional dumbbells have thin, round handles. In comparison, this dumbbell has a slightly thicker part. For that reason, we pursued a shape that fits the hand.

❹ I want to pick it up

The comfortable feel of solid wood supports exercise that you can easily start. There is no discomfort that makes you want to wash your hands after touching it, unlike dumbbells with a soft rubber or vinyl coating.

❺Familiar with the interior

A shape that does not look like a dumbbell at first glance

In order to create a stylish model that allows you to see the various expressions of the wood while retaining the solid feel of the solid wood, we developed an advanced processing technology that performs three-dimensional cutting after enclosing the weight iron bars in the wood.

Gentle presence of solid wood

I can continue because I don't have to clean up. The gentle texture of solid beech wood blends into the space and is gentle on the eyes and mind.

❻ Can be used for a long time

Emphasis on texture! custom glass painting

We jointly developed a paint with enhanced water repellency to make it difficult to get dirty while retaining the feel of solid wood, together with Nikken Co., Ltd., a custom-made paint manufacturer.

  • The paint penetrates and hardens inside without forming a coating film on the surface, so the texture of the wood is not damaged. The sweaty feeling is also reduced.
  • Compared to the same penetrating oil coating, it has higher water repellency and hardness, so it is less likely to get dirty or scratched.

Even if you wipe it with water, it does not stain easily, and the paint film does not crack or peel, so you can use it for a long time.

Great as a gift

The more you use solid wood, the more you will become attached to it, and the slight scratches and dents will become a taste, so you can use it as a companion for a healthy life for a long time. Even if your life stage changes, you can always keep it nearby. Age and gender does not matter, so it is perfect as a gift for your loved ones.


Below, we have posted the wood dumbbells. Please take a look.

Mobile watch "Today's dish" Wooden dumbbells made from snow beach (beech wood)

Product Specifications

  • Size|W50×D50xH120mm / about 1kg
  • Material: Snow country beech (Snow Beach/Oshirakawa, Uonuma City, Niigata Prefecture), iron
  • Color | Natural: Custom-made glass paint finish

Handling Precautions

  • A high temperature and high humidity storage environment may cause deformation and deterioration of the product.
  • Do not intentionally give a shock or apply a force to break it.
  • Because it is a natural wood, there may be differences in grain, color, and scratches on the skin depending on the product.
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