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Go into relaxing mode with comfortable hand play

hand grip

hand grip

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Easy to continue because you don't have to put away

This hand grip has the natural texture of beech and suit seamlessly into spaces where you spend a lot of time, such as your living room or desk.
It stands on its own so it doesn't take up much space.

The comfort of natural wood will solve!


Gentle wood texture that doesn't require putting away

Are the harsh metal visuals and strange colors of silicone products of conventional fitness equipment becoming a noise in your life? People often feel stressed about taking things out and putting them away, which often prevents them from making exercise a habit.

STORIO's hand grip can be replaced with a natural-textured wood so you can always keep it close at hand .

Solid wood hand grip that blends well with Japanese-style rooms

Reassuring touch

There is no sweaty feel, stickiness due to chemical changes, yellowing, or sagging that is seen in the cushioning materials of conventional grips, and the smooth feel of natural materials provides peace of mind.


Easy to care for

To clean it , just wipe it with a dry cloth .


Addictive feel of wooden springs

Since there is no cushioning material, the force of gripping is directly applied to the spring and the repulsion is returned. The smooth transmission is comfortable and has an addictive feel that can only be achieved with bent wood .


Focus on the stimulus of moving your hands

In recent years, it has been scientifically clarified that sensory stimulation through natural repetitive movements such as walking and chewing activates the brain. The situation is decreasing more and more.

Therefore, we decided to create a hand grip using beech wood, which has been used for tool handles and children's toys, and which is comfortable to the human hand and could provide comfortable stimulation.

The load is light at approximately 5 kg, and the product focuses on repetitive movements of gripping and loosening like a grip ball.

How to use

Grasp the grip part and repeat squeezing and opening while feeling the response.

Image explaining how to use the hand grip and scenes

Recommendations for a casual exercise

Scenes in which the hand grip is used. Great as a gift for your family, for a visit during hospitalization or medical treatment, for a change of pace, while reading or studying, or for watching sports that require energy. The gentle texture of wood and crisp appearance blend seamlessly into your daily life.

It is an item that harmonizes with each life stage and can be used for a lifetime, regardless of age. Comes in a chic greige gift box, making it the perfect gift .

Unique solid wood hand grip, its features

Our test machine has achieved 100,000 strokes (*This is the number of strokes achieved in 3.5 days when used continuously for 8 hours a day). You can watch the video of the fatigue test.

The secret of strength lies in the materials that grow smoothly

Maple and beech trees in a rural village with heavy snowfall

The beech and maple trees grown under 4 meters of snow each year are both strong and flexible.

An image explaining the traditional uses of beech wood. It is a material that is suitable for making furniture such as children's toys and chairs, and has a texture that fits comfortably in the human hand and is suitable for bending.An image explaining the traditional uses of maple wood. Highly durable and sticky. It was once used for sports equipment such as skis and tennis racket frames.

Storio has previously offered stationery, accessories, and interior goods that take advantage of the characteristics of the materials, but this is the first time they have combined beech and Japanese maple. By using beech for the parts that touch the hand and maple for the parts that are subject to bending stress, we attempted to achieve both a texture that feels comfortable in the hand and durability.

Storio’s unique bending technology

The springiness created by bending a single plate with fibers running through it from end to end corresponds to the function of a metal spring in a typical hand grip. The inner Japanese maple is treated with polymer and bent to increase strength and durability. The outer beech grip part emphasizes the feel and is not treated with polymer, but is bent in two places to disperse the applied force. Illustration of the hand grip: The combination of two materials, maple and beech, provides durability and a good feel.

The spring properties of the two parts are balanced to adjust the load to a comfortable level, and by joining the two parts, warping and twisting are prevented and the shape is stabilized.

Product Specifications Hand grip spec explanation image

  • Size | W approx. 90 x D 30 x H 160 mm
  • Contents|1 hand grip
  • Materials|Beech, Japanese maple (Oshirakawa, Uonuma City, Niigata Prefecture)
  • Color|Fabric color (uncolored) Grip part has a custom-made glass painting finish

Handling precautions

  • A high temperature and humid storage environment may cause product deformation and deterioration.
  • Do not intentionally apply shock or force that will cause it to break.
  • Since it is a natural wood, there may be differences in grain, color, and scratches depending on the product.
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