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The strength of maple wood, trained by the snow, gently supports your wrist.



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Flexible bentwood palm rest reduces wrist strain

A mouse pad made of solid wood bent wood that combines beauty and functionality.

Solid wood mouse pad with springy palm rest

The palm rest, which has been specially bent to provide springiness, actively supports the wrist. You won't get tired easily, and the smooth texture of the wood enables comfortable mouse operation.

While pursuing functionality, we aimed for a form that pays attention to details and an organic and three-dimensional beauty.

Organic and three-dimensional beauty of bentwood

There are two colors, natural and black.

Storio mouse pads are available in two colors: natural (unstained) and black (dyed black).

flexible mouse control

Close-up of the palm rest area of ​​a bentwood mouse pad

The point is the palm rest part with springiness. We have achieved amazing softness with our unique bending technology.

When you place your wrist or palm on the palm rest, your wrist is fixed, so you don't need to use your hand to hold the mouse. So you can effortlessly move the cursor where you want it to point.

Raising and lowering the mouse when using a large display is also very smooth. Flexible mouse control is possible even in narrow spaces.

Beauty and functionality born from solid wood bentwood

The material is solid maple wood from Niigata Prefecture. Since it is made from natural wood, there are no two pieces that have the same expression (wood grain).

Mouse pad grain pattern

Functionality such as the angle and height of the palm rest, and the structure that lowers toward the front has been pursued to create an optimal usability.

There are two anti-slip pads attached to the bottom of the cushion. This is the part that bears the weight of your wrist, so you can continue to use the mouse pad stably without moving during use.

back of mouse pad

The sliding feel of the mouse is easier than leather or cloth, and easier to stop than metal. Polishing and painting were adjusted according to CAD, DTP, and design operation work.

Forever beautiful and comfortable

Black wood grain and texture dyed with special technology

Storio's black dyeing is not painting. Since the wood itself is dyed, the color will not peel off. It does not get dirty easily and does not sag, so you can use it for a long time while enjoying the changes over time.

mouse pad packaging

It comes in a chic black paper box package and is perfect for gifts.

Flexible strength that has passed 2 million cycles of fatigue tests

Springiness of natural bentwood mouse pad

A fatigue test of 200,000 cycles has been performed to confirm that no deterioration has occurred (accomplished 2,000,000 cycles in internal tests).

It is a bentwood mouse pad that is strong enough to exceed the concept of wood.

It comes with a one-year quality guarantee.


Product Specifications

Size|W130×L240mm×H about 35mm / about 100g

Palm rest stroke | about 10-15mm

Material|Solid maple wood (produced in Niigata Prefecture)


  • Natural: No dyeing, clear paint finish
  • Black: black dye, clear paint finish


Handling Precautions

  • A high temperature and high humidity storage environment may cause deformation and deterioration of the product.
  • Do not intentionally bend it strongly or apply force to break it.
  • Because it is a natural wood, there may be differences in grain, color, and scratches on the skin depending on the product.
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