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Unique and stylish. An eye-catching wooden card case.

Card Holder Landscape

Card Holder Landscape

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New and beautiful bentwood business card holder

Utilizing the springiness of wood, it opens instantly when the clasp is removed, allowing you to smoothly remove the business card inside.
A smart and beautiful bentwood business card holder will encourage communication that creates natural conversation.

Exchange business cards in a bentwood business card holder and use it as a conversation starter.

The movement and pause of twirling the clasp give the other person a relaxed and calm impression.

Although it is a thin wooden business card holder, it can hold up to 30 business cards.

Smart even made of wood

Close-up of horizontal business card holder

A business card holder made of bent wood that has never been seen before, made using our unique processing technology, is sure to attract the attention of your customers. There is a high-quality genuine leather partition inside that allows you to separate your business cards, allowing you to exchange business cards smartly.

There is a partition inside so you can store your business cards separately from your own.

There are four variations: natural, black dyed, blue dyed, and vermilion dyed.

Dyeing variations are natural, black, blue, and vermilion.

The thinness, functionality, and clean design made possible by Stolio's unique bending technology are perfect for modern tools.

Dyeing that highlights your unique personality

A maple tree that has survived for many years, sometimes even incorporating foreign substances into its trunk. Areas with high tissue density will not be dyed and will appear as various patterns (Natural is undyed).

A variety of patterns appear through dyeing.

A business card holder with a unique personality designed by nature that you can cherish for a long time. Also perfect as a gift.

Product Specifications

Size|W115 × H69 × D16mm / Approx. 40g

Outer case: Maple (from Niigata Prefecture)
Inner: genuine cow leather


  • Natural: Undyed, clear painted finish
  • Black: Black dyed, clear paint finish
  • Blue: Blue dyed, clear paint finish
  • Vermilion: Vermilion dyed, clear paint finish

Handling precautions

  • Please be careful as it will break if strong force is applied.
  • A high temperature and humid storage environment may cause product deformation and deterioration.
  • Since it is a natural wood, there may be differences in grain, color, and scratches depending on the product.
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