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It can hold almost 30 business cards , and will not damage the corners of the cards.

Business card holder vertical compact

Business card holder vertical compact

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Compact and smart solid wood business card holder

Business card holder made of natural solid wood bent wood

It has been miniaturized through precision processing, assembly, and bending wood technology. When you remove the leather tab, it opens with a wooden spring and allows you to take out your business card in a smart manner.

The colors are natural, black (black dyed), blue (blue dyed), and vermilion (vermilion dyed).

Color variations of bent wood business card holder compact

An impressive look created by bent wood

By using our unique bending technology and strengthening the material, we have achieved a size smaller than regular leather products.
It is one size larger than a business card (55 x 91 mm).

Literally compact size business card holder

The front is flat so that the protruding clasp will not get in the way when you put it in your pocket or bag.

When you remove the clasp, it will open by itself with the bent wood spring.
Holds approximately 30 business cards. It's a hard case, so even if you put a lot of business cards in it, the corners of the business cards won't get damaged.

Opening and closing a compact business card holder made from bent wood

The beauty of solid wood that can be enjoyed for a long time

The texture of wood and bright dyeing are highly compatible with a variety of materials and textures such as linen, cotton, knit products, and leather products, so it can be used regardless of the season or occasion.

Made from maple from Niigata Prefecture, it is finished without sacrificing the soft feel of solid wood. Each business card holder has a different look, so you can enjoy using it as it changes over time.

Also great as a gift for your loved ones.
We come with a 1-year quality guarantee, so you can give it to us with confidence.

Product Specifications

Size|W65×H97×D16mm / approx. 30g

Material | Solid maple wood (produced in Niigata Prefecture) / Genuine leather


  • Natural: Undyed, clear paint finish
  • Black: Black dyed, clear paint finish
  • Blue: Blue dyed, clear paint finish
  • Vermilion: Vermilion dyed, clear paint finish

Handling precautions

  • A high temperature and humid storage environment may cause product deformation and deterioration.
  • Since it is a natural wood, there may be differences in grain, color, and scratches depending on the product.
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