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A wallet in the cashless era. wooden smart card clip

Card Clip

Card Clip

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*This product is priced from 6,490 yen to 8,030 yen depending on the material and color.

Electronic money clip made of solid wood with a beautiful curve that fits comfortably in your hand.

Made from domestically produced natural solid wood, this bent wood card clip is 1mm at its thinnest and weighs only 20g. It is an electronic money clip that is easy to grasp and touch the reader.

Storio smart card clip with a beautiful curve that fits comfortably in your hand

The stainless steel clip holds it firmly and can store 3 pieces of electronic money or cards.

Stolio's smart card clip can hold 3 cards, and the stainless steel clip holds the cards securely.

Bring comfort to your smart daily life

Pass through the ticket gate with an electronic money clip made of natural bent wood

Storio's electronic money clip is perfect for your daily commute, or for holidays when you want to go out without carrying your wallet.
The loose curve of the bentwood allows it to fit your body without disrupting the silhouette of the pants even when you put it in your pocket.

Read while clipped

Different types of cards, such as transportation IC cards, distribution IC cards, and credit cards, can be read by holding them up to the reader while still being clipped. Due to the precise processing of the card storage surface, the cards are stored at 5mm intervals so that they do not get in the way of each reading.

The stainless steel clip made in the Tsubame-Sanjo area, which is famous for its cutlery, has a spoon-like tip, so you don't have to worry about the fibers getting tangled when you put your cards in and take them out of your pocket, and you can put your cards in and take them out smoothly. Masu.

beautiful variations

Three types of solid wood are used: maple, walnut, and zelkova. Walnut and zelkova retain their unique texture. You can choose from four different types of maple: undyed, black dyed, blue dyed, and vermilion dyed.

Storio electronic money clip material and coloring variations

An electronic money clip made of bent wood with the beautiful grain and comfortable feel of natural solid wood. Among them, maple is very strong and will not break even if you put it in your hip pocket and sit down. Enjoy it casually as a fashion item instead of your wallet.

Storio's electronic money clip comes in a chic black box and is perfect as a gift.

Thank you for introducing me

All About "Men's Goods/Bags, Wallets, Business Card Holders, Key Cases" featured our product as "an unprecedented form of electronic money clip."Please take a look.

Product Specifications

Size|W70 x H112 x D10mm (thinnest part 1mm) / Approx. 20g

Materials | Maple, walnut, zelkova (produced in Niigata Prefecture) / Clip: Stainless steel


  • Natural: Undyed, clear painted finish
  • Black: Black dyed, clear paint finish
  • Blue: Blue dyed, clear paint finish
  • Vermilion: Vermilion dyed, clear paint finish

*There are color variations only for maple. Only natural walnuts and zelkovas are available.

Handling precautions

  • There is almost no problem with reading it at automatic ticket gates, but readers at shops may be slow to respond. If it does not respond, remove the electronic money from the clip and use it.
  • If you use it in your pocket, it may break depending on the environment, weight, etc.
  • A high temperature and humid storage environment may cause product deformation and deterioration.
  • Since it is a natural wood, there may be differences in grain, color, and scratches depending on the product.
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