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A portable lamp made of gracefully bent beech from a snowy country. Rechargeable table lamp.

TANZAKU Lamp arch type

TANZAKU Lamp arch type

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Illuminate only below

A lamp with an impressive large curve.

Tanza clamp arch type that illuminates only the hand with an impressive large curve
A gentle light that makes you feel nostalgic somewhere through the beech trees. Gentle light that penetrates the beech trees


When viewing images projected by a projector in a dimly lit room, we wanted a light that would only illuminate the hands of the controller, drink, etc., and not interfere with the viewing experience.

Tanza clamp arch type that illuminates only the hands

light and compact

The compact body, which is made by bending a beech tree and has an LED and a rechargeable battery inside, is light at 170g, and most of it is the weight of the battery at the base, so it is stable enough.

The compact and sleek design does not get in the way even when placed on a small table.

Portable and versatile

The Tanza Clamp contains a highly safe and compact lithium polymer battery that can be charged with the included USB cable.
It can be installed anywhere, with or without an outlet.

The included charging cable is a USB type C


Touch switch around the lamp that glows red when charging

The built-in LED light has 3 levels of dimming, and when fully charged, it can be used continuously for light intensity 1 → about 15 hours / light intensity 2 → about 4 hours / light intensity 3 → about 2 hours (each light intensity is 1 /2).

Tanza clamp light intensity 3 levels

Every time you lightly touch the area around the touch switch, it switches.

how to spend a sleepless night

When you're in bed but have a hard time falling asleep, and you want to do something to distract yourself, a portable lamp comes in handy.

A lamp that is usually used as a night light by the bedside. If you carry the torch with you when you leave the bedroom, it will not disturb other people's sleep. Whether you go to the living room or the kitchen, you can walk with peace of mind by illuminating your feet without turning on and off the appliances here and there.

Move to the living room, meditate under the light of the tanzakurampu, listen to music, and drink hot milk slowly. Even if you can't sleep, you can rest your eyes and mind by spending a relaxing time with minimal lighting.

Large curves are beautiful even during the day

The gradation of shadows created by the large curve beautifully complements the natural texture of Snow Beach. It will color the space as an object during the day.



Uses local beech wood "Snow Beach"

beech forest

Beech forest in Oshirakawa, Uonuma City, Niigata Prefecture

For the tanza clamps, we used beech wood named "Snow Beach", which was systematically designed by Professor Emeritus Kamiya of Niigata University and lumbered by local production forest cooperatives and companies. The goal is to recycle the forest every 100 years and restore biodiversity.


how to use

The internal battery is charged for testing. Please charge the battery before using it for the first time.

charging method

Use the included USB cable to connect the lamp body and AC adapter (please prepare separately) to charge the lamp.

A red charge light on the base will illuminate while charging and flash or turn off when complete.

* If you use the battery continuously for a long period of time while it is being charged, the battery will be exhausted quickly.

* You cannot charge the smartphone or tablet device with the USB charging cable that comes with an outlet, even if the shape of the plug is the same. Be sure to use the supplied cable.

On/off/adjustment of light intensity

The tanza clamp has no power mark, sticking to its beauty as an object.

There is a tap switch around the charging lamp that glows red when charging.
Each time you touch lightly with your finger, it switches between light intensity 1 (ON) / light intensity 2 / light intensity 3 / OFF.

How to reset

If there is a problem such as the light intensity not switching, leave the light on for 24 hours, completely discharge it, and then recharge it. will be reset.

Please contact us if you have tried resetting and it still does not work.


This product cannot be disassembled, repaired, or replaced with a battery or LED by the customer. If you have any problems, please contact us.
Please note that products disassembled outside our company are not covered by the quality assurance.

After-sales service

Rechargeable batteries are consumables. When the product reaches the end of its service life, we will replace it for a fee, so please contact us.
The rechargeable battery will be recycled, so if the product is disposed of, we will collect it.


Below, you posted the tanza clamp. Please take a look.


Product Specifications

Size|About W255×D42×H95mm/170g

Wood part: Beech (Snow Beach in Uonuma City, Niigata Prefecture)
Natural, Matte Antiviral Paint Finish, Base: Metal

Light source|LED 3-step dimming

Dimming/lighting time|
(The time it takes for each light intensity to drop to about 1/2)
Light intensity 1: about 15 hours / light intensity 2: about 4 hours / light intensity 3: about 2 hours

Power supply | Lithium-ion polymer rechargeable battery 1200mAh

Charging method|DC-IN 5V USB Type-C

Charging time|Full: Approx. 2-3 hours / 80%: Approx. 65 minutes *When using a 1A AC adapter

On/Off/Dimming|Electrostatic touch type

Operating Temperature/Others | 5 to 35°C/Not water resistant.

Accessories|USB Type-C cable 1.5m for charging, warranty card *Please prepare an AC adapter separately.

Click here for the TANZAKU Lamp instruction manual (PDF)


Precautions for use

  • This product uses natural wood. Please refrain from using it in a hot and humid environment as it may cause deformation.
  • Since it is a natural wood, there may be differences in grain, color, and wood texture depending on the product.
  • Since it is a wooden product, it may crack or chip due to strong impact such as dropping. Please handle with care.
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