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S ローカルプロジェクト

Nishikigoi sake cups that brighten up your banquet seats

Koi fish sake cup - OJIYA

Koi fish sake cup - OJIYA

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*This product is priced from 3,960 yen to 6,600 yen depending on the style.

Celebrating Nishikigoi(Koi fish) being certified as the national fish

On October 25, 2022, Nishikigoi was certified as the national fish.
In order to convey this message to many people and celebrate it, Storio in Ojiya City, Niigata Prefecture, the birthplace of Koi fish, devised a sake cup with a beautiful and lovely Nishikigoi in the center as a local project. It was commercialized in collaboration with Marusan Yasuda Kawara Kogyo in Agano City.

World-class Nishikigoi from Ojiya
Nishikigoi is widely loved overseas, and among hobbyists, KOI stands for Nishikigoi. We would appreciate it if you could enjoy the adorable appearance of KOI, fill your cup with sake, and celebrate the certification of the national fish together.

Sake cup 3 colors x Nishikigoi 2 patterns

The sake cups are the white of snow, the black of Yasuda roof tiles, and the rich blue of water that nurtures Nishikigoi. There are two types of Nishikigoi: red and white and Taisho Sanshoku.

Variation of Storio KOI Cup

Reproduce real Nishikigoi

The charming Nishikigoi of the holy land KOI Cup is modeled after existing Nishikigoi. The shape, scales, fins, and patterns are reproduced by the delicate handiwork of Marusan Yasuda tile craftsmen.

Marusan Yasuda roof tile craftsman's handiwork Molding the Nishikigoi carp on the sake cup

Scales and fins are carefully carved on the molded carp

Lined up KOI

painting with care

Photos of Nishikigoi and comparison of KOI cups

Finished black sake cup

Mark the Shinano River

The back stamp is engraved with the initial S of Storio. As a name for the local project, I imagined the curves of the Shinano River that created the characteristic river terraces of Ojiya.


Product Specifications

Size|Diameter about 95mm

Material|Tile ware (pottery)


Handling Precautions

  • Microwave, oven, IH, open fire, dishwasher cannot be used
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