Collection: Rechargeable LED Lamp made of "Snow Beech"

A lamp made from beech trees in the snowy country

Satoyama beech trees were once used as lights and fuel. The main energy has changed to gas and electricity, and you can see beech trees that have grown large without being used in Uonuma Oshirakawa.

Today beech is mainly used for plywood, furniture, toy material, mushroom culture medium and fuel.

Storio began developing beech products after receiving a request to further expand the range of uses so that they could be traded at a price that matched the logging cost.

Since beech trees used to light up the hearth in the past, we decided to create a stylish rechargeable lamp that provides the soothing light that is required in modern times.

The light that penetrates the beech tree is gentle, creating a relaxing space that makes you feel nostalgic.

3 designs depending on the lighting direction

Solid beech wood is said to go mad easily. When thinking about how to use beech as a material for industrial products, Storio set "beech wood cut into strips" as the minimum unit that does not easily warp or shrink as the starting point of the design. Then, we applied a unique bending process that maximizes the beauty of the beech tree, and created three models based on usage scenarios.

The tanza clamp comes in three designs: arched, U-shaped, and twisted.


With its arched shape, the light is difficult to diffuse and illuminates only the areas where light is desired.



Lift the light source slightly to illuminate what's underneath. When you want to illuminate the main dish on the dining table outdoors or in a room with indirect lighting.

twist type

Among the three types, it illuminates the widest range, making it ideal for reading books and magazines.

portable light

The tanza clamp, which illuminates only what you want to illuminate, is the perfect tool for creating a space.
Because it is portable, its uses are endless.

turn off the light and turn on the lamp

The tanza clamp is designed so that the light source does not enter the field of view when used. This is to create a calm space where there is little stimulation of light to the eyes.

We want the night light to gently illuminate only what you want to see, so that both your eyes and your heart can relax.

We propose a new role for light in modern life.


Why is it beautiful during the day

Beautiful tanza clamps even during the day

The material is cut in a direction that brings out the plain beauty of the beech.
The matte, whitish wood surface gently reflects the light of the day, and by bending it further, a gradation of light and shadow is created on the surface.

The tanza clamp colors the space during the day with the beauty of an object.

Uonuma Oshirakawa's beech wood "Snow Beach" is used

beech forest

Beech forest in Oshirakawa, Uonuma City, Niigata Prefecture

For the TANZAKU Lamp, we used beechwood named "Snow Beach," which was systematically designed by Professor Emeritus Kamiya of Niigata University and sawed by local production forestry cooperatives and companies. The goal is to recycle the forest every 100 years and restore biodiversity.


February 2019
Exhibited at German Ambiente Niigata Hyakunen Monogatari Booth
Selected for "Ambiente Trends 2019"
February 2019
Tokyo International Gift Show Spring 2019
Received the 4th LIFExDESIGN Award "Best Craftsmanship Award" at the 5th LIFExDESIGN
February 2019 Niigata IDS Design Competition
Received "IDS Award"
December 2019 Selected for JIDA Design Museum vol.21
November 2021 JAPAN WOOD DESIGN AWARD 2021
Heartful Design Category Wooden Products Encouragement Award (Judges Chairman's Award)

Give the gift of luxury time and space

When the light changes, the appearance also changes. Tanza Clamp gently illuminates only what you want to see and show, creating a luxurious space with blank spaces.

It's rechargeable, so you can install it freely without worrying about the presence or absence of an outlet.