Discover Japan 2020年5月号にタンザクランプが掲載されました

TANZAKU Lamp was published in the May 2020 issue of Discover Japan

TANZAKU Lamp was introduced in New Products.

■ Warmth of one-of-a-kind solid wood

“TANZAKU Lamp” has a beautiful object-like design and curves drawn by wood grain.
Beech trees from Oshirakawa, Niigata, which were once used for firewood, are used in order to restore the health of Satoyama and create a sustainable system.
There are 3 types of line-ups according to the scene. Because it is hand-finished, one of the charms is that each piece has a different wood grain and degree of curvature.

Discover Japan May 2020

Tanza clamp introduction article on Discover Japan

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