Recommended email address

If you use the email address of a mobile carrier such as docomo, au, SoftBank, etc., there is a high probability that emails from us will not be delivered.

We may send important notices regarding orders and membership benefits, so we recommend that you use an email address that is relatively easy to receive, such as a PC email address or a free email address (Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, etc.), when registering for orders or newsletter subscriptions.

Also, even if it is a PC address, there is a possibility that the spam mail prevention function of the contracted mail server will work and it may be classified into the "spam mail folder", so please check the "spam mail folder" if you do not receive the order confirmation mail. In Gmail, it may be classified as promotional mail, social mail, etc. Please also check.

If you are using mobile carrier email

When registering an e-mail address such as docomo, au, SoftBank, etc., please set the domain designation reception on your terminal in advance so that you can reliably receive domain mail of "".

If you do not know how to set up domain-specific reception, or if it does not reach your spam folder, please contact us by phone or email.