Order entry procedure

Orders with multiple delivery addresses

Please place an order for each shipping address. For example, if there is a delivery to the person in question and a direct delivery to someone other than the person in question, two orders will be placed for each delivery address, following the steps below.

choose a product

After specifying "color" and "quantity" on the page of the product you want to purchase, click the "Add to Cart" button. You can check the items in your cart at any time by clicking the "shopping basket" icon on the top right of the page. To close the cart once, click "Continue shopping" in the upper right corner to close the cart.

General flow of order form input

Click the "Shopping Cart" icon on the top right of the page and proceed in the following order.

Cart ▶︎ Info ▶︎ Shipping ▶︎ Payment

1. Cart

The color / style, quantity, unit price, subtotal, and total price of the items in the cart are displayed. You can edit and check the contents here.

  • Click the + (plus) or - (minus) button to change the quantity.
  • To delete an item, click the trash can icon to delete the entire line
  • Please fill in the desired delivery date and time in the "Special notes to the store" column.
  • At this stage, the amount displayed does not include shipping.

After confirming the contents, click the "Proceed to checkout" button to display the checkout screen and proceed to the next item.

2. Information

Enter information about the customer's contact email address and delivery address to send order receipt and shipping notifications.

  • If the billing address and delivery address are different for gifts, etc., you will be required to re-enter the orderer's information (billing address) in the "Payment" section below, so please enter the delivery address here. ).
  • Customers who have already registered their billing address, shipping address, and card information with Shop Pay, Google Pay, Apple Pay , etc. can skip the above input and proceed to delivery confirmation.

3. Shipping

Check two items.

Double check your input

The customer's contact email address , shipping address, address, and phone number that you entered on the previous page (information items) will be displayed, so double-check them. If there is a correction, click the red "change" text to return to the previous step. The information you entered earlier will be displayed, so please overwrite the part you want to correct and press the "Proceed to shipping method selection" button again.

Shipping confirmation

Free shipping or paid shipping will be automatically selected and displayed depending on the total amount. Please confirm the total payment amount including the shipping fee.

Click the Proceed to payment button to proceed

4. Payment

Select payment method

Please choose credit card payment o

If paying by card, please enter your card information.

In the case of bank transfer, please transfer the price to the account stated in the order receipt e-mail automatically sent to the contact e-mail address after ordering. (Please bear the transfer fee)

Billing Address
Enter information that matches your payment method. Since the information you entered as the shipping address is reflected in the initial settings, For gifts that you wish to have sent directly, please enter your billing address and phone number here.

This completes the order entry. Please note that an order confirmation email will be automatically sent to the contact email address you entered.